Sunday, Septembert 1, 2002


Did you ever have a piece of information – part of the flotsam and jetsam of the brain – that you feel compelled to impart at every opportunity?

I often find myself regaling friends and love ones (and strangers in checkout lines) with Discovery channel-style trivia. At one time, this trivia entered my brain and made a relatively permanent connection of synapses. The result of which is that I must share this tidbit with one and all.

Occasionally I catch myself in the act of imparting these nuggets the second, or third or…christ only knows, time on the same person. The nicer ones smile and nod like this is fresh and captivating conversation. I can see this happening – still I can’t stop myself.

Good Thai food – even in Thailand – often has ketchup in it. Heinz is very popular in Bangkok.


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