Urban Haiku

Some say Haiku is an abused and overused form - pretty much dead. They may be right, but I still like them. My Haiku follow the really old-fashioned 5-7-5 rule because I think the discipline of that structure is important.

The only real break with tradition in my Haiku is the setting. Many believe that Haiku must highlight the glory of the natural world. Well, okay, I love nature, but the fact is I live in a city.

The uncredited Haiku presented here are the work of this Website's author. Other submissions will be credited accordingly. If you would like to submit a Haiku for possible inclusion on this page please send it to this address: Urban Haiku.

Any lewd or obscene Haiku will probably not be posted, but may be passed around to my friends if I think they're funny enough.

A car passes by,
Rain falling down the window...
Steam from the coffee.

Blue light shines on water,
Soft breaths rise and fall in bed.
A bell rings at night.

Mean heart fight
relatives getting toured
I pay with thought

trucks hurrily brake
leaves puddle soaked
email brings the word

Haiku #3
She fell on my stairs
it was the coming back here
that love tripped her down

Haiku # 4
make no sound tired one
the starlings morning mimic
is like waking love

Haiku # 5
off love now I hang
to jade a rushing river
you need the mountain

- Joe Godin

Baby cries madly,
November crush at Walmart.
Cart wheels squeak on tile.

Here, walking along
Philosophizing my life
But Wait! Look a bird

- Heather McKinnon

a good character
written on winds of action
gone in passion's storm

Proud fledgling spreads wings,
haughty possessor of air;
large window pane looms.

- Christine Cornell

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