Monday, March 31, 2003


I think I can feel my toes again. It’ll take some time to really shake off this chill but against all odds the spring is beginning to work it’s magic on me.

Tonight I heard a new song by Nick Cave:

Bring it on
Every useless fear
Bring it on
All your shattered dreams
And I’ll scatter them into the sea

I keep expecting to hear that Nick is dead in a ditch somewhere. My long lost friend Glenn used to tell an anecdote about bumping into Nick in a bar in Vancouver—“Do you know where I can score some smack?”—being the only thing he said. In reality, Nick has become a well-adjusted family man. Some of the raw power has gone out of his music but hope has entered in through a little used back door. If Nick can make it, there truly is hope for us all.

Joe dropped a wonderful email on me—I was going to say recently…Jesus, it looks like I got it on the 13th—with some real nuggets of inspiration. One of those nuggets is a piece of a tale about a King making preparations to meet the Buddha. The King tells his assistant that he feels the need to bring 500 elephants. The assistant’s reply has been rattling around my head since I got the email:

"Do what you think it is now time to do."


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