Monday, January 06, 2003


I was dreading today. I had a meeting this morning at work that I knew would be a trial. A guy in my office, who clearly suffers from feelings of desperate inadequacy, had decided on Friday to question my methods on a current project. I’ve spent the past month working on this fucker. He wanted to pull a last minute quarterback move in this morning’s meeting: take a bow you shithead.

The time came for his whiny “I just have a couple issues,” and I began to coil like a spring. I felt a gentle touch to my left. The girl I work most closely with was scribbling a line in her pad. She turned it for me to see. The gist of her message? Wait…

I breathed out slowly and waited. A few minutes later, our wonderful boss resolved the issue and handed a stack of new files to shithead. The clouds parted and everything was sunny.

Moments like this renew my faith in humanity. My lovely co-worker had saved me from making a complete ass of myself this morning. She could sense the waves of tension coming off me and stepped in to prevent me making a huge mistake—verbally eviscerating someone in a meeting this early in the game could only have been bad for me. If you ever read this…thank you. You restored my sense that there is some good in this world. I had a little buzz of contentment at my current lot in life.

Still, the day ended in chaos, confusion and pain.


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